Month: June 2013

On Making the First ‘Short Story Vlog’

Wow, that was easy.

Seriously. Before I did this, I assumed it would be all types of tricky. Filming would be impossible, I wouldn’t know how to speak to a camera, I wouldn’t know what to say, I wouldn’t be able to get the video online…. the reasons not to do it were endless.

They were also all bullshit.


So, what is The Nomadic Lighthouse?

It is a lighthouse, with legs, roving across fantastic lands, shining its beacon onto wonders unknown.

So, what is it really?

My blog. Except, I want it to be more than just one guy writing his thoughts on whatever concerns him that day. I want a place where whatever is interesting, wonderful or awe provoking can be put on display, and talked about by people who love those things.