So, what is The Nomadic Lighthouse?

It is a lighthouse, with legs, roving across fantastic lands, shining its beacon onto wonders unknown.

So, what is it really?

My blog. Except, I want it to be more than just one guy writing his thoughts on whatever concerns him that day. I want a place where whatever is interesting, wonderful or awe provoking can be put on display, and talked about by people who love those things.

Now, that said, it will start off with just me, but I am eager to expand the number of voices heard here. That’s why this isn’t The Nomadic Lighthouse wasn’t the first name I thought of, believe it or not. I considered Out of the Blue, to give a sense of cool and interesting things popping out of nowhere. I quite liked the name Shooting the Moon, to give a sense of ambition and spectacle. Why isn’t it called either of those names? Well, the boring answer is that they were already taken, along with many others I considered.

At first, this was frustrating, but then I took a step back. I wasn’t really happy with any of these names, and anyway, if they had already been taken, surely they wouldn’t have that fresh feel I desired? So I thought, and spoke to people. I wanted the sense of something large, something both familiar and fantastic; something that not only looks at the interesting and wonderful, but can be described as both of those things as well. So it needed to be a structure, and an impossible one at that. But the kind of impossible that you can imagine, picture, and wish would exist.

And then it struck me. A beacon, shining bright. By any conventional logic, that should stay in this place, but not this one. It has wings, or wheels, or legs, or all three, and it moves around. Not content to guide a few where it was first put, but wanting to go everywhere, show everywhere. Something wild and wonderful, shining light onto things worth looking at, and with plenty of room for people on board. A nomadic lighthouse.

At first, I’ll be writing regular content, trying to draw attention to things I love, and think deserve attention. This won’t be a place where you’ll here how great Sherlock or Watchmen are. Those things are so well known that one more voice on the subject won’t contribute much to the discussion. However, if you want to hear about the cool and the quirky, and to read detailed yet entertaining analysis of the bizarre and the beautiful, then this place is for you. I hope.

You may have seen the pilot for my vlog series. If not, you can find it here. I’ve entered it into Geek & Sundry’s vlog competition, but regardless of whether or not they choose me, it will continue in some form. I’m also incredibly eager to do more video content, and all sorts more. So please, stick around, and prepare yourself for all the wonder that will follow.


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