On Making the First ‘Short Story Vlog’

Wow, that was easy.

Seriously. Before I did this, I assumed it would be all types of tricky. Filming would be impossible, I wouldn’t know how to speak to a camera, I wouldn’t know what to say, I wouldn’t be able to get the video online…. the reasons not to do it were endless.

They were also all bullshit.

Now, I’m lucky enough to already have an iphone. £2 for a video stabiliser app, another £3 for some editing software. Now, the video quality may not be perfect-the lighting could improve a little, and the editing could be a little smoother, but it is my first vlog, and it is ON THE BLOODY INTERNET.

So filming was easy. As for speaking on camera? Well, all you need to know for that is how to speak. It really isn’t very intimidating to talk to a little black box balanced precariously on top of a chair on top of a bed. As for what to speak about, that’s simple. All I have to do is look at what I like, and then talk about them. It would be pretty hard to talk about something I didn’t like, but I haven’t had to do that. I briefly thought about trying to cynically put together a video designed to be exactly what the internet wanted, but not only would I not enjoy doing it, meaning it wouldn’t be of the same standard, that kind of thing never works.

As for putting it online, that was so easy. Go to Youtube, press upload, wait.

Now, waiting to see if people like it was pretty scary, but loads of friends have been kind enough to look at it, and say nice things about that. More than that, people I’ve never met have watched it, and said nice things about it. Hell, Mary Robinette Kowal, author of Evil Robot Monkey watched it, and said nice things about it.

Currently, it stands at 266 votes. That is incredible. Thank you to all the people who have voted for it, and particularly to those who voted for it each day. Now, I’ll be realistic. Even though this places me roughly in the top fifth of videos, the likelihood of getting through is still pretty slim. While this isn’t a straight popularity contest, with final decisions lying with Geek & Sundry, there are videos with thousands of votes. It is possible, and it would be great if it did, but I’m well aware it may well not get through to the next stage. However, this is already a success. I’ve gone from ‘wishing-I-made-things-for-internet’ to ‘someone-who-has-made-something-for-the-internet’. That feels great, and I know that this series of vlogs will continue in some form, regardless of how I do. Hopefully with a snappier name than ‘Short Story Vlog’, if I manage to think of one.

Thanks must go to Rachael, my lovely girlfriend, who has been beside me as I put it together. Thanks to a hardcore group of friends and family, who have not only voted for it daily, but spread the word incredibly far. And thanks to you as well, for reading this. The video can still be voted for, right here, and your support is so welcome, and so touching.


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