Month: July 2013

A Field in England: A Grisly, Disorientating Nightmare.

A Field in England is a dark, murky film. It is interesting, weird, and provocative. Ben Wheatley demonstrates what can be accomplished with a small budget, on a single set, with a cast of seven. The influence of earlier filmmakers is present, particularly Peter Watkins’ sixties era work, although the film definitely maintains its own unique spirit.



Is Wonder Woman a ‘Tricky’ Character, and Why Have There Been No Good Female-led Comic Book Films?

As you may have heard, DC Entertainment announced at Comic-Con a Superman/Batman team-up film for 2015, followed by a Flash film in 2016, which all leads to a Justice League film in 2017. Have you heard of the Flash? Unless you read comics, or watch cartoons, you probably haven’t. While I usually have no issue with lesser-known characters being given a chance to shine, it does seem odd that a guy who goes really fast has trumped the most famous woman in comics. Why would DC choose not to make a Wonder Woman film, and what does that indicate about Hollywood attitudes to female led superhero films, and action films as a whole? Read on, and I’ll let you know.


On Reading Things by Unpleasant People

On October 25th, a film adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s Ender‘s Game will be hitting the UK. Now, I won’t be seeing it, even if it gets the best reviews, even though the novel it is based on is a brilliant piece of sci-fi; one that is incredibly important to the genre. Why? Because Orson Scott Card is not a very nice man. He is on the board of the National Organisation for Marriage, a homophobic and hateful organisation. I can’t let him have any of my money, as doing so will fund a movement I find morally disgusting. It’s a shame, as Ender’s Game is a great story, and isn’t the only great story the man has written.


Where I Cut My Internet Teeth

Believe it or not, this is not my first foray into the Internet ecosystem. During my final year at the University of Birmingham, I became heavily involved with the University’s newspaper, Redbrick, specifically its film section. For it I wrote a mixture of reviews, news reports and articles, with three being particularly notable. I thought that in this post I would look over each of them, allowing you a chance to see a little more of my writing, and me a chance to see how I’ve developed in the last twelve months. Very soon, this blog will be given a regular schedule, along with clear ideas, which together will shape it into something more solid. However, before doing that, it makes sense to look backwards.