Whatever Happened to The Short Story Vlog?

As you may remember, I entered the Geek & Sundry Vlog competition a few weeks ago. It should be pretty easy to remember, given how hard I was spamming my Short Story Vlog everywhere. Still, I’ve been quiet about it for a while now, for which I apologise, and thought it was time to give you guys an update.

Geek & Sundry didn’t pick it up. That’s a shame, but to be honest, we did far better than I thought we would. I have been so touched by the sustained support I received from so many people. I never thought it would do so well, even ending up in the top 20% of videos. That’s insane, particularly given that we were competing with people who had established Internet followings. I’m really looking forward to seeing the vlog series that do win, as Geek & Sundry have created a great community around them.

The Short Story Show will return. I haven’t given up on it. In fact, one of the reasons it has taken so long is I’ve been planning so much for it. It’ll restart soon, very soon, and I hope you guys will enjoy it. It’ll be bigger and better than ever before. We’ll be starting with The Yellow Wallpaper, because I consider it to be the best short story I have ever read. Looking forward to what you guys will say about it, once you’ve seen me ramble about it for 5 or so minutes.


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