A Field in England: A Grisly, Disorientating Nightmare.

A Field in England is a dark, murky film. It is interesting, weird, and provocative. Ben Wheatley demonstrates what can be accomplished with a small budget, on a single set, with a cast of seven. The influence of earlier filmmakers is present, particularly Peter Watkins’ sixties era work, although the film definitely maintains its own unique spirit.


Whatever Happened to The Short Story Vlog?

As you may remember, I entered the Geek & Sundry Vlog competition a few weeks ago. It should be pretty easy to remember, given how hard I was spamming my Short Story Vlog everywhere. Still, I’ve been quiet about it for a while now, for which I apologise, and thought it was time to give you guys an update.


Is Wonder Woman a ‘Tricky’ Character, and Why Have There Been No Good Female-led Comic Book Films?

As you may have heard, DC Entertainment announced at Comic-Con a Superman/Batman team-up film for 2015, followed by a Flash film in 2016, which all leads to a Justice League film in 2017. Have you heard of the Flash? Unless you read comics, or watch cartoons, you probably haven’t. While I usually have no issue with lesser-known characters being given a chance to shine, it does seem odd that a guy who goes really fast has trumped the most famous woman in comics. Why would DC choose not to make a Wonder Woman film, and what does that indicate about Hollywood attitudes to female led superhero films, and action films as a whole? Read on, and I’ll let you know.


On Reading Things by Unpleasant People

On October 25th, a film adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s Ender‘s Game will be hitting the UK. Now, I won’t be seeing it, even if it gets the best reviews, even though the novel it is based on is a brilliant piece of sci-fi; one that is incredibly important to the genre. Why? Because Orson Scott Card is not a very nice man. He is on the board of the National Organisation for Marriage, a homophobic and hateful organisation. I can’t let him have any of my money, as doing so will fund a movement I find morally disgusting. It’s a shame, as Ender’s Game is a great story, and isn’t the only great story the man has written.


Where I Cut My Internet Teeth

Believe it or not, this is not my first foray into the Internet ecosystem. During my final year at the University of Birmingham, I became heavily involved with the University’s newspaper, Redbrick, specifically its film section. For it I wrote a mixture of reviews, news reports and articles, with three being particularly notable. I thought that in this post I would look over each of them, allowing you a chance to see a little more of my writing, and me a chance to see how I’ve developed in the last twelve months. Very soon, this blog will be given a regular schedule, along with clear ideas, which together will shape it into something more solid. However, before doing that, it makes sense to look backwards.


So, what is The Nomadic Lighthouse?

It is a lighthouse, with legs, roving across fantastic lands, shining its beacon onto wonders unknown.

So, what is it really?

My blog. Except, I want it to be more than just one guy writing his thoughts on whatever concerns him that day. I want a place where whatever is interesting, wonderful or awe provoking can be put on display, and talked about by people who love those things.